Top 5 Payroll Solutions for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know the importance of having the best resources on your side. You can’t afford to waste time on software that doesn’t perform, and this is especially true when it comes to payroll. You need a program that’s tailored to your business’ needs, whether you want a full-suite application or a bare bones payroll management system. These five options are the best picks on the market for all of your small business payroll needs.


OnPay is one of the best options for businesses that are looking for simplicity. This application truly focuses on the bare essentials of running payroll and offers intuitive tools to do so. Its straightforward approach is matched by a straightforward pricing policy, at just $47.95/mo for unlimited tax filings, one-state deposits, check printing, and pay runs, for up to ten employees.


Gusto is another great option for those small businesses that favor simplicity over sophistication. One of the biggest points of appeal for Gusto is its ability to file taxes at the local, state, and federal level. You can also fully integrate Gusto with your accounting software of choice, so you can give staff access to documents such as pay stubs, W2s, and other important information. It is priced affordably at $39/mo, plus $6/mo per employee.

Intuit Payroll

Intuit’s greatest strength is that it plays to yours. Whether you need a simple, straightforward program or a fully automated suite, Intuit has an option that is suited to your business’ payroll needs. There are several subscription options to choose from at varying price points:

  • Intuit Basic: at $20/mo plus an additional $2/mo for each employee, this program will run payroll and calculate taxes
  • Intuit Enhanced: This option is $31.20/mo and offers the additional features of completing, filing, and paying taxes
  • Full service: This option, at $79/mo, is fully automated with the ability to run and transfer data from external payroll applications

These options make Intuit one of the top contenders when it comes to payroll programs—and the variety of services mean you can choose the package best suited to your needs.


Namely touts itself not just as a payroll processor, but as a full-service human resources suite. Its claim to fame is the reduction of lost time through automation of processes such as benefits deductions, time-tracking, payroll taxes, and year-end reporting. The program also has tools to assist with recruiting processes such as hiring and management, so virtually all aspects of your company can be contained within the application. Though its price is undisclosed, it promises to provide value by saving your company precious time.


Sage’s Cloud-based application is tailored to small and medium businesses that need payroll management and other services, too. It offers businesses the additional ability to manage job postings and recruitment throughout the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process for each employee. New staff, in turn, can use Sage to access policy manuals, trainings, and a host of other relevant resources. Prices are dependent upon the combination of services you select, but plans can be canceled or changed at any time.