5 Must-Have Smart Home Devices

If you dream of a home that’s fully automated with tech, smart devices are a must-have. Technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of living, including the spaces we live in. Whether you’re looking to be more energy efficient or want to control lights and thermostats from your phone, you can find a smart device that will simplify your life and integrate into you tech. These are five of the most essential devices for building a smart home.

Smart Light Bulbs

If you remember they hey day of the clapper, you understand the appeal of controlling a light without the switch. Nowadays, though, you don’t have to clap—instead, you can open an app on your phone and decide what dimness you want your light set to, or even what colors you want your lights to display. Fully customizable, and controllable from the palm of your hand—maybe it’s not so different from the clapper after all. Of course, if you don’t want to use an app, there are smart light bulbs that can be connected to a virtual assistant and controlled with your voice, too.

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras are a wise investment for monitoring your home, keeping track of visitors, and warding off suspicious activity. Technology for security cameras today often links these devices to your home’s WiFi so that streaming footage is available. This makes it easier to respond in real time to any activity that may be of concern.

In addition to this feature, you can use a smart security camera to double as a doorbell. Many of these devices are installed in place of a doorbell, so when a visitor approaches, you can see. You can also communicate with visitors remotely using such a device if two-way audio is enabled.

Smart Thermostat

Nothing is worse than a utility bill that’s higher than expected. Lowering bills is always a great feeling, and investing in a smart thermostat can help you do exactly that. These devices are powerful and typically controlled through an app so that the user can customize settings, monitor usage stats, and ensure that bills are never a surprise.

A smart thermostat can further improve your home by adjusting automatically based on the outside temperature or whether or not anybody is home. This means that energy that would otherwise be wasted is saved, and your bill goes down, too!

Smart Plugs

If you aren’t sure where to start with turning your home into a smart home, investing in smart plugs is one of the best places to start. These devices are simple automation tools that connect to WiFi and let you control plugged-in devices via voice control or an app. Smart plugs can be plugged into any outlet, and any device plugged into it is then suddenly a smart device!

This a great option if you just want simple automation features that you can control from your phone. Rather than downloading a different app for each of your different devices, a smart plug will allow you to control simple on and off functions for any connected device using the integrated app.

Smart Home Hub

Perhaps the most important of all smart home devices is the smart home hub. Also called a smart speaker, it is a device that communicates with all other smart devices in your home and controls them through an app or through voice control. Much like a smart plug, it simplifies controls by allowing you to use only one app, but unlike a smart plug, it offers a range of functions beyond simple on and off controls. There are many smart home hubs to choose from, ranging from small to full-screen size. Choose the one with the controls that best fit your home’s needs.